Voice and Accent Certification

Do people really understand what you are saying?

Learn Business Communciation Skills and improve your public speaking skills
Modulate your Voice – captivate your audience
Neutralize your mother tongue influence (MTI)- speak in a globally understood neutral accent
Learn to pronounce English words correctly
Intonate correctly to improve your fluency
Learn American Accent and British Received Pronounciation
Communicate confidently with your global clients and customers

What will I Learn?

Sounds and Phonetics
Syllables Stress
Intonation-Advanced Voice & Accent
 Business Communication and Public Speaking Skills
 Training content – 20 hours

Voice and Accent

How to Register?


Online Training conducted at
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step 2) Make Payment
Rs. 5000/-

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Frequently asked Questions?

Will Voice and Accent Certification improve my English Grammar?

Voice and Accent focuses on fluency of speech only.Your English Grammar needs to be in place to enjoy the benefits of this certification.


What is Voice and Accent?

Voice and Accent focuses on your voice modulation and your speech sounds.Correct usage of sounds and appropriate syllable stress improves your word pronounciation.Your speech intonation patterns enable you to sound fluent and confident.


Does it help to remove my mother tongue influence -MTI ?

Effective communciators have fluent speech patterns, neutral speech sounds (devoid of any regional influence) and excellent voice modulation. Voice and Accent training helps you to reduce your mother tongue influence. Once your incorrect sounds are corrected, you become a confident and better speaker.


Will I sound like an American after this certification?

Voice and Accent  Certification course sensitises you about American sounds, British received pronounciation and other global sounds. It focuses on neutralising any incorrect sound and speech patterns which you might have.It also improves your comprehension of other accents thereby making you an effective speaker. Learners pick up various accents depending on their interest and job requirements. We recommend that you sound clear and confident instead of sounding fake.


Where is the Certification offered?

The certification is offered as online training sessions and is conducted on our e-learning platform at www.online.superskillz.org.You can attend the training sessions from anywhere in India. We have candidates who attend program from various cities like  Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Bhopal, Baroda, Agra , Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Mangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Cochin etc.

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